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Legendary Bowler Brett Lee visits the Nadakkavu GVHSS School supported by the Faizal and Shabana Foundation

May 10th, 2018

Kozhikode, 10th May 2018: Former Australia pacer Brett Lee today visited the Government Vocational Higher Secondary School for Girls at Nadakkavu in partnership with the Faizal and Shabana Foundation. The cricketer turned commentator was received at the school by Mr. Faizal Kottikollon, the co-founders of the Faizal & Shabana Foundation, Ms. Sophiya Faizal, Project Manager, KEF Holdings, Richard Pattle, CEO KEF Holdings and Mr. Jaloosh K, the principal of the school. After a formal welcome by the students, the cricketer was given a tour of the school and various academic and sports facilities.

The highlight of the visit was the fireside chat between Brett Lee and Faizal Kotikollon on Leadership & Sports. The Cricketer also joined in a fun game of football with the schools National Level Football team.

Faizal and Shabana Foundation in collaboration with the Government of Kerala developed the PRISM program (Promoting Regional Schools to International Standards through Multiple Interventions) to improve the standards of government schools through planned interventions. The Government Vocational Higher Secondary Schools for Girls, Nadakkavu in Kozhikode (Calicut) was the flagship school that was renovated as part of this program.

On the occasion of Brett Lee’s visit to GVHSS Nadakkavu, Mr. Faizal Kottikollon, Co–founder of Faizal & Shabana Foundation and Chairman of KEF Holdings said, “Sports plays a very vital role in the development of children, and it is integral to the holistic development of children. When we worked on transforming the GVHSS Nadakkavu school building world-class sports facilities was an important part of that endeavour. We are happy that this has supported so many children follow their sporting passion. Today, the school has national level football, hockey and basketball team and that is incredible.

As an extension of our commitment to education and sports, we were deeply honoured to host cricketing legend Mr. Brett Lee at the Nadakkavu GVHSS today. We sincerely hope that this visit and the discussion on leadership and sports would motivate the girls to aim higher and perform better going forward.”

Faizal and Shabana Foundation transformed the school in 2013 building premier sporting facilities including a gymnasium, an indoor stadium housing basketball and volleyball courts and three badminton courts, astroturf hockey and football ground. The school was ranked among the top 3 government schools in India within 2 years of its refurbishment and is now seen as a model project for building schools across the nation. Looking at the successful Nadakkavu model, Kerala Government has decided to replicate the same model across 1000 more government schools across the state by 2020.

Additionally, Faizal & Shabana Foundation also worked with the Sports and Education Promotion Trust (SEPT) launched in 2004 in Kerala. The trust supports football training for children from an early age, which in turn helps them compete at an international level.

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