Our People

Faizal E. Kottikollon

True happiness and joy, comes from creating a positive impact – this philosophy has defined the work Faizal Kottikollon has done as a passionate social entrepreneur.

An ingenious humanitarian he believes in always Giving Back in a manner that is long-term, sustainable and impactful. This thought process is one of the cornerstones of every initiative the Foundation has undertaken including, creating a sustainable school intervention model to reform government education practices in India, and empowering and educating farmers in new practices and techniques. His forward thinking has also played a significant role in enabling the creation of low-cost, yet high-quality basic infrastructure like schools, hospitals and food subsidy canteens in India through the use of technology, and has also helped up-skill construction workers in the country.

Faizal has always looked at his work as a way of creating a positive impact to create a better future. He consistently harnesses the latest technology, believing that it has the largest and fastest impact to help the underprivileged and build a more equitable world for everyone.

Shabana Faizal

Shabana Faizal cares passionately about people, development and community building. Across her over 20-year entrepreneurial and philanthropic journey she has always focused on developing avenues that empower and provide sustainable opportunities for those less privileged. This forms the other cornerstone on which the Foundations programs and activities are visualized.

From providing village women a platform to share their art through her first speciality retail venture in 1995, to creating a one-of-its-kind community development centre for workers in UAE, to helping deserving students and community members to educate and train themselves and find a sustainable livelihood, – Giving Back is intrinsic to Shabana’s value system.

Today under her guidance the Foundation has grown and created a ripple effect that has impacted the lives of thousands of people across the Middle East and India. As she continues to dedicate her time and resources to causes most close to her, she believes that there is a lot more work yet to be done to create an equitable community, and a better tomorrow for everyone.



Dr. Joseph Sebastian, Director

With a PhD in social work to his credit, Dr. Joseph Sebastian has over two and half decades of social development experience. Starting his career as a community development worker, Dr. Sebastian went on to become an academician, a professor and the Principal at Yashawantrao Institute of Social Sciences, Maharashtra. Prior to becoming Director of the Faizal and Shabana Foundation, Dr. Sebastian was the Executive Director of Indo Global Social Service Society. In an earlier role, he has also served as Director-Operations and Director-Monitoring and Evaluations at Project Concern International, a US-based non-profit organization.

Passionate about working with people and impact creating projects, Dr Sebastian brings to his work grass roots as well as board room level through processes. He is at ease working with villagers – young and old; women and men and at the same time sitting at a table formulating policies. He believes that one has to give the most and the best to those in need and any amount one gives may not be enough as there is so much to be done to bring about fullness of life.


Ms Chelleth Roshan John, Program Officer

Chelleth Roshan John completed her Masters in Social Work from Nirmala Niketan College, Mumbai in 2004. She has also done a Diploma in MBA and Human Rights Law from National Law School of India University (NLSIU). She has a rich experience working with national welfare organisations like Childline, Vedanta Foundation and Share. Prior to joining the Faizal and Shabana Foundation, she worked with Margdarshak as the Regional Head for CSR in Goa.


Ms Nimmy Theresa Antony, Program Officer

Nimmy Theresa Antony completed her BTech in 2012. Recruited directly from the Campus, she worked with UST Global as software engineer. It’s after working for more than a year, she could take the strong step to follow her passion of working for and with people. She went on to complete her Master’s in Social Work with specialisation in Rural Development from TISS. She has rich experience working with hard to reach communities – economically and socially. Her expertise is in the fields of public health, education, hygiene and women empowerment. Prior to joining to the Foundation, she has worked with CARE India in remote parts of Bihar.